Museum Storage Design

advanced facilities for museum collections

How this service originated

Museum Storage Design is the service I provide as a sole practitioner together with my many contacts in the fields of construction, design and manufacture.

I am David Goodwin, and my specialism in the design and management of collections storage began at the Tate Gallery in London where a new off-site facility for storage and related interventive processes was needed. My role there was to research the Gallery's storage needs, to explore solutions tested at museums in America and Europe, and to advise on the building project from general layout through detailed design to completion.

I selected, or helped to develop, the equipment which the storage and distribution of the Tate Gallery's collection required. As a storage manager prior to this project, and later as general manager of the Tate Gallery Store, I was able to measure the value of design in creating a safe and efficient environment for a highly mobile collection of treasures.

The Tate Gallery Store immediately gained a reputation as the most sophisticated art storage facility in the world when it opened in 1996. But the world does not stand still - later projects have created opportunities to develop new approaches and new solutions. These projects have given me a richness of experience, particularly in the research and development phases, which I believe is unique.