Museum Storage Design

advanced facilities for museum collections

Frequently asked questions - and contact details

You're based in London. Does this mean the service is available to UK museums and galleries only?

No - I work anywhere. At present, the need to raise the quality of museum storage design is universal.  The most headway can usually be made by the largest projects, and this means the field of play has to be international.  Happily, in terms of research and development, smaller projects can ride on the back of the larger ones, and can benefit more economically from the lessons learned.

How expensive is this service?

Hourly rates are at the modest end of standard construction/architectural consultancy charges. A small project might only require five days from me, or even less. Potential clients in the UK might also like to note that my service qualifies for HLF Project Planning Grants and/or Development Funding, and also Technical Assistance awards from Arts Council England.

Is the meter running as soon as I pick up the phone?

Not at all. Telephone and email conversations about general aspects of a project, or minor points of design, will normally be free of charge.

So, what kind of thing will the project have to pay for?

On more substantial topics, once we've had a chat about it and you think it would be a good idea to get me on board, I will estimate hours of work from information you provide (and which I might need to supplement from other sources), including the overall time-frames available. If you agree to the proposal, we proceed.

You haven't mentioned actually meeting up - is it necessary?

Generally, yes. Attendance at meetings is strongly recommended, as one of the most useful services I can provide is advocacy of proven ways of going about things to those involved on a practical level, and also to those involved in financial control - the Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, or equivalent.

OK, so what do I do next?

All you need to do is send me a message, using this link. If I think I can help, we'll take it from there. And thanks for visiting this website.